Online Sources – Global Search Engines

Brand New Sites Directory of just born sites (less than 6 months old) classified in 284 categories. Returns only the homepage of sites. Targeted at users who are searching for good sites, rather than particular pages.
GO The search engine formerly known as Infoseek. Shows matching GO Guides, RealNames and pages part of the GO network first. After that follow results from the web.
PageSeeker Search engine with an interactive interface. [Requires Flash] Search results include web site information, such as email addresses, location, age and site popularity. (when available). You can choose to be notified when there are sites matching your criteria added to their database.
SearchHippo A crisp and clean spider based web search with free PHP, XSLT and XML code for integration. Website owners pay for a high ranking for specified search queries. The results are complemented by websites which are ranked by popularity. There are also computer and Internet tutorials for beginners.
Yep A portal and search engine that ranks sites by popularity., formerly the Mining Company, features over 600 "guides" offering original content in various areas. While isn't really a search service, the guides do have extensive links to other sites -- not to mention top-notch content of their own.
EuroSeek A European-based search engine which nonetheless covers the globe. You can choose one of about 40 languages, but that only affects on-screen instructions.
Search engine which lists pages from sites within the .au (Australia) and .nz (New Zealand) domains. It also provides global coverage. Links to top web sites and content from the Encyclopedia Britannica, in one place.
DisInformation "Alternative" publications provide a different spin on news stories and current events than their mainstream cousins. Likewise, DisInformation aims to put an alternative spin on searching for information by listing sites that might be missed elsewhere. Crawler-based search engine.
SunSteam Directory of web sites. Web sites are organized into categories, then ranked in each category by how popular they are. Popularity is determined by online ratings service PC Data Online.
Links2Go A directory-style search engine that uses artifical intelligence techniques to cluster related topics and URLs together.
SearchKing A searchable directory of web sites. Directory of web sites.